Diane J. McSweeney

My Story, My Words

I believe words are mighty. Words are large and powerful to paraphrase the Webster’s definition of the word mighty. Once said, written, or printed words are forever. Words uttered thousands of years ago are still relevant in our world today.

My love affair with words most likely began before I was born. My mother was an avid reader and a fierce Scrabble competitor. Add to this my father, a printer, before and after his Navy service. I like to say I was born with printer’s ink in my blood.

One of my earliest memories of reading was the magazine Highlights. My mother ordered a subscription for me to help improve my reading and vocabulary skills. I thought it was the coolest thing to get a magazine in the mail and, per my mother’s plan, I read it faithfully.

Later, when my parents opened their own printing business, and I proudly worked in the shop, we received a free copy of the magazine Printing Impressions. I became a dedicated reader of Otto’s Night Watch column written by Otto Boutin. Otto’s Night Watch told the stories of printers from the by-gone days. The column nourished my love of printing and story-telling.

Notre Dame Academy in Hingham, Massachusetts can be credited with furthering my love of great literature and the humanities. I may not have been on the stage for the performances of Shakespeare’s plays or the classic musicals; however, I was part of every production managing props and printing the programs. The VITA, Notre Dame Academy’s Newsletter was my first taste of journalism. Had I not been born to printing I would certainly be a journalist.

Miss Terry’s Technical Writing class at Rochester Institute of Technology left an indelible mark on my psyche. Miss Terry’s instructions still ring in my ears as I construct a sentence. She would say, “a ‘great deal’ is four aces,” “outstanding in your field; are you standing in a field of corn or daisies?” The value of a well-written sentence can win respect and close the deal.

Once out in the ‘real’ printing world, working at the family print shop and other larger Boston-area printers, including RR Donnelley & Son’s (the world’s largest printer), I had the benefit of printing a wide variety of materials; small trade magazines, high-end product catalogs, Playbills for the Boston Theaters, and short-run literary journals for the local schools. I read everything I printed which led me to the Harvard University Extension School Creative Writing Program. As part of this program, I wrote the poem Little Dancers published in the 2003-2004 issue of the Charles River Review.

Throughout my corporate marketing career at MFS Investment Management, I edited and proofread many product brochures and business reports where the values of Miss Terry’s lessons resonated. To motivate my employees, I often interjected humor and words. At the conclusion of one particularly tough project, I presented my team with the poem Laundry. I believe this will remain part of my legacy at MFS.

To quote my favorite poet Robert Frost, “yet knowing how way leads on to way,” I find myself now coming full circle back to my love of words. I continue to take writing courses to improve my writing skills. I look forward to providing my expertise in copywriting, editing, proofreading, blog articles, and website content.




Vice President – Marketing Operations

  • Managed print production and website publication operations and the professionals that performed print production, desktop publishing, and vendor oversight tasks.


Production Manager – Specialty Services Buyer         

  • Managed production planning, scheduling, and purchasing for print and bindery operations.
  • Purchased specialty printing and finishing services.


Print Production – Customer Service  

  • Roles included Prepress Technician, Customer Service Manager, Production Planning Coordinator, and Quality Assurance Supervisor.


Sandhills Community College, Writing Program

Harvard University Extension School, Creative Writing Program

Master of Business Administration, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Bachelor of Science, Printing Technology & Management, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY